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Senior Naval Architect or Marine Engineer

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Boothbay Harbor, ME
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Direct Hire
Dec 03, 2018
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Senior Naval Architect or Marine Engineer

  • Developing new designs: concept arrangements, lines, engineering, specifications
    • Work with customers to develop concept & arrangements
    • Develop specifications for the project
    • Establish basic characteristics of a ship, such as size, weight, and speed
    • Develop lines to suit customer needs
    • Develop basic structure, to be further developed in detail design phase
    • Develop arrangements to suit customer’s requests, to include considerations for heating, ventilation and machinery layouts
  • Cost estimating of boats
    • Assist in development of labor estimates using past hull data
    • Assist in technical aspect of materials estimates
  • Mentoring designers in detail design for cost effective methods and details
    • Support operations in building and testing             
  • Purchasing support (answering questions to support)
    • Developing purchase specifications
  • Interaction with customer to develop, revise concept and arrangements (iteratively)
  • Keeping up with regulations (shared responsibility with Engineering)
    • Interface with engineering on changes
  • Evaluate how ships perform during trials, both at dock and at sea, troubleshoot and revise designs as needed to make sure national and international standards are met
  • Work with engineering subcontractors and design agents on different aspects of design
  • B.S. in Naval Architecture and Engineering
  • Proficient with Auto Cad, Rhino, Word and Excel
Senior Naval Architect or Marine Engineer