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Shipyard Dock Master

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Norfolk, VA
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Direct Hire
Jan 11, 2019
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We are pleased to accept resumes for Shipyard Dock Master.

This is a full-time position with competitive pay, based on experience in Norfolk, VA.

• Supervise all docking and undocking operations of vessels in an efficient manner while ensuring the safety of all personnel and equipment
• Lead and manage a team of shipwright personnel to execute all docking operations.
• Interface with Operations Management to schedule the docking and undocking of vessels.
• Read and interpret docking plans/arrangements, develop blocking plans with safe blocking loads based upon sound calculations, and be capable of layout/safe arrangement of blocks for docking.
• Execute safe dry-docking evolutions and vessel launching, analyze tide and wind conditions, and maintain weight logs and docking plans.
• Responsible for the technical work in docking, rigging, hauling, and undocking vessels.

-5-10 years shipboard/shipyard experience
-Experience/vast familarity with floating dry docks, marine railways, and large marine travel lifts
-Reading and comprehension of docking plans and blocking plans
-Able to build blocks for dry docking from the existing plans and sketches
-Must be familiar with ARMY, MSC, USCG and NOAA rules and regulations on all docks operations
-Proven success with a department of 25 employees within dock department/shop
-Must have considerable knowledge of structure of vessels, stress points, load factors, cradle positioning, and blocking of vessels
-Must have knowledge in stability calculations and docking plan development
-Must be able to obtain federal and state security clearances
-Knowledge of Coast Guard regulations and safety requirements
-24 hour and 7 day (24 / 7) availability
-High school diploma or equivalent 
-Must be able to work and communicate effectively with others