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Hydraulics Service Technician

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Ft. Lauderdale, FL
$45,000 - $50,000
Job Type
Direct Hire
Mar 09, 2018
Job ID
Service Engineer:
A responsible and dependable individual that will represent our company on board the ships we service.
•         Provide direction and instructions to the technical team in order to accomplish the job as scheduled.
•         Coordinate directly with the project manager from beginning to end
•         Supervise the team to work in a safely manner and  in continuous contact with the ship’s crew for risk assessments and work permits
•         Report to project manager if any complications occurs during the project
•         He will supervise and assist his team in any means to accomplish the job in a timely manner

Job Prerequisites:
•       Mechanical and/or electrical background is preferred
•       Flexible schedule, frequent travel required
•       Able to work with various nationalities and backgrounds
•       Mechanical and/or electrical backgrounds are preferred
•       Basic computer knowledge
•       English speaking